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2020-12-02Add Spotify saltpostAustin Adams
2020-11-23More accurately describe myselfAustin Adams
2019-01-26Add proof for accusation that we failed half of studentsAustin Adams
2018-12-08Add DMA postAustin Adams
2018-05-08blog: Add post on scanning a book into a PDFAustin Adams
2018-05-08about: Update headshotAustin Adams
2018-04-29Update headshotAustin Adams
2018-01-24blog: Add script for installing Roigisim on LinuxAustin Adams
2017-08-27open-circ-in-brandonsim: Add scriptAustin Adams
2017-08-22Add brandonsim icons of various sizesAustin Adams
2017-05-27blog: Write images as figures, not raw ![images]Austin Adams
2017-05-27blog: Store blog static files in /img/blog dirAustin Adams
2017-03-04blog: Add post on recent git commits on homepageAustin Adams
2017-03-04style.css: Center images in postsAustin Adams
2017-03-04style.css: Move blog date closer to titleAustin Adams
2017-02-28Add Google Webmasters Verification fileAustin Adams
2017-02-27home: Add list of recent git commitsAustin Adams
2017-02-24Add homepage with recent blogpostsAustin Adams
2017-02-24Add first draft of about pageAustin Adams
2017-02-21style.css: Grow #tagline as neededAustin Adams
2017-02-21style.css: Make links dark gray and boldAustin Adams
2017-02-21Integrate new site into old templatesAustin Adams
2017-02-21Move favicon into Hugo static directoryAustin Adams
2017-02-18Add post about breaking dd-formmailerAustin Adams
2016-08-18style.css: Don't overlap <code>s on adjacent linesAustin Adams
2016-08-18style.css: Don't pad <pre> lines like <code> tagsAustin Adams
2016-08-16style.css: Improve appearance of <hr>sAustin Adams
2016-08-15style.css: Add gray bg from f675994440 to <code>sAustin Adams
2016-08-14style.css: Add gray background to code blocksAustin Adams
2016-08-14style.css: Decrease size of h{1..6} in post bodiesAustin Adams
2016-08-13style.css: Pad sides to improve look on mobileAustin Adams
2016-08-13Initial commitAustin Adams