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2022-10-15Use a non-deprecated CDN for mathjaxHEADmasterAustin Adams
2022-10-15Clean up a lot of annoying Hugo warningsAustin Adams
2022-10-15Address peer review feedback from CS 7001Austin Adams
2022-10-03Move about page to homepageAustin Adams
2022-04-16Add a little post with a fun quantum proofAustin Adams
2021-09-22Add beginnings of a list of publicationsAustin Adams
2020-11-23More accurately describe myselfAustin Adams
2020-11-22Fix more breakage courtesy of breaking Hugo changesAustin Adams
2020-11-22Start upgrading for newer Hugo versionsAustin Adams
2018-01-24home: Fix broken logic for showing blog postsAustin Adams
2017-03-11post_list: Don't display post list in post listAustin Adams
2017-02-28Move tagline text to config.tomlAustin Adams
2017-02-28layout: Display "Blog" in <title>sAustin Adams
2017-02-27home: Add list of recent git commitsAustin Adams
2017-02-24Add homepage with recent blogpostsAustin Adams
2017-02-21Rename former home page templateAustin Adams
2017-02-21Integrate new site into old templatesAustin Adams
2017-02-21Add projects page, lay groundwork for other infoAustin Adams
2017-02-21Don't make blog templates defaultsAustin Adams
2017-02-21layouts: Make /blog/ show blog postsAustin Adams
2016-12-19layout: Use MathJax when .Params.hasmath == trueAustin Adams
2016-12-19home: Show post description on hoverAustin Adams
2016-12-11home: Display only pages with type = "post"Austin Adams
2016-08-29home.html: Don't list pages if .Params.unlistedAustin Adams
2016-08-15layout.html: On mobile, use device-size viewportAustin Adams
2016-08-15Add <meta name="description"...> to posts & homeAustin Adams
2016-08-15layout.html: Don't wrap .Hugo.Generator in <meta>Austin Adams
2016-08-15layout.html: Declare the charset early as possibleAustin Adams
2016-08-13Initial commitAustin Adams