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2 daysMove about page to homepageAustin Adams
2022-08-24Breathe life back into this crusty websiteAustin Adams
2022-06-08Add qvmp paperAustin Adams
2022-05-13Add more CIOS praise from studentsAustin Adams
2022-05-06Add slides for papersAustin Adams
2022-04-16Add a little post with a fun quantum proofAustin Adams
2021-11-17Unlist some older 2110 postsAustin Adams
I don't want to confuse people because who knows if these still work
2021-11-05Add ICRC '21 paperAustin Adams
2021-09-22Add beginnings of a list of publicationsAustin Adams
2021-06-11Warn readers that the OpenVPN and AnyConnect articles are outdated nowAustin Adams
2020-12-02Add Spotify saltpostAustin Adams
2020-11-23More accurately describe myselfAustin Adams
2020-11-22Start upgrading for newer Hugo versionsAustin Adams
2019-03-23Update my bio for SeattleAustin Adams
2019-02-18Add anime comment to praiseAustin Adams
How did I miss this one
2019-02-07Add post on acing a C homework with inline assemblyAustin Adams
2019-01-26Add proof for accusation that we failed half of studentsAustin Adams
2019-01-11Oopsie I graduatedAustin Adams
2018-12-22autograding DMA: Link to MIT hw, mention volatile *volatileAustin Adams
2018-12-12autograding dma: Fix silly typosAustin Adams
2018-12-08Add DMA postAustin Adams
2018-11-29Start on autograding DMA postAustin Adams
2018-08-27about: I'm a senior now!Austin Adams
2018-08-25Mention that zucchini has a Gradescope bridgeAustin Adams
2018-08-12projects: Mention noviceAustin Adams
2018-07-24including-recent-commits-hugo: Make ref absoluteAustin Adams
2018-05-08blog: Add post on scanning a book into a PDFAustin Adams
2018-05-08projects: Mention zucchiniAustin Adams
2018-05-07about: Flex on the hatersAustin Adams
2018-01-24blog: Add script for installing Roigisim on LinuxAustin Adams
2018-01-24open-circ-in-brandonsim: List so I can find itAustin Adams
I keep having trouble finding my own dang blog post, so just make it public.
2018-01-22about: Mention YDSA because I canAustin Adams
2017-12-31Add post on debootstrapAustin Adams
For my personal reference later, at least.
2017-09-25about: Mention TAing 2110, Urjanet workAustin Adams
In my about page, add a paragraph about TAing 2110, and mention that I've actually done development on GNU/Linux now!
2017-08-27open-circ-in-brandonsim: Add scriptAustin Adams
The page is just a bunch of commands to run anyway, so might as well add a script that runs them all in one fell swoop.
2017-08-22brandonsim: Make updating jar path clearerAustin Adams
Make it clearer you need to update the path to the jar in the .desktop file.
2017-08-22Add post on associating .circ with BrandonsimAustin Adams
Write this once here instead of juggling it between Piazza sites.
2017-05-27blog: Write images as figures, not raw ![images]Austin Adams
As far as I can tell, my CSS-fu ain't strong enough to prevent Markdown ![images], rendered as standalone <img>s, from stretching the page when they're wider than the viewport. So instead write images in blog posts as Hugo {{< figure >}}s, which wraps the <img>s in a <figure> element I can style with overflow-x: auto.
2017-05-27blog: Store blog static files in /img/blog dirAustin Adams
Store static blog files in a dedicated /img/blog directory with subdirectories for different posts, instead of randomly-named directories stored directly in /img.
2017-04-29projects: Replace dead /tools linkAustin Adams
toolbag understands /tools, not /tools/. Why I did this I have no idea.
2017-03-09recent-commits-hugo: Fix typoAustin Adams
2017-03-04blog: recent-commits: Add template exampleAustin Adams
I think an example like this would go a long way to showing what exactly I'm doing here.
2017-03-04blog: Add post on recent git commits on homepageAustin Adams
Write a new blog post on how I included recent git commits in my statically-generated homepage.
2017-02-24projects: Clean up hasty writing, add webzoneAustin Adams
2017-02-24Add draft of projects page.Austin Adams
2017-02-24Add first draft of about pageAustin Adams
2017-02-21Add stub about pageAustin Adams
This way, /about/ at least works.
2017-02-21Add projects page, lay groundwork for other infoAustin Adams
Add a placeholder projects page, and lay the groundwork for other information pages.
2017-02-21Move root to /, not /blog/Austin Adams
Since I plan to build my homepage in Hugo, make the root directory / (and fix an image link broken by this change).
2017-02-21Give blog posts type = "blog"Austin Adams
Which is the default when in /content/blog/. I think this is a little more clear, since I might have other post types in the future.