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2019-01-26Add proof for accusation that we failed half of studentsAustin Adams
2019-01-11Oopsie I graduatedAustin Adams
2018-12-22autograding DMA: Link to MIT hw, mention volatile *volatileAustin Adams
2018-12-12autograding dma: Fix silly typosAustin Adams
2018-12-08Add DMA postAustin Adams
2018-11-29Start on autograding DMA postAustin Adams
2018-08-27about: I'm a senior now!Austin Adams
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2018-05-07about: Flex on the hatersAustin Adams
2018-01-24blog: Add script for installing Roigisim on LinuxAustin Adams
2018-01-24open-circ-in-brandonsim: List so I can find itAustin Adams
2018-01-22about: Mention YDSA because I canAustin Adams
2017-12-31Add post on debootstrapAustin Adams
2017-09-25about: Mention TAing 2110, Urjanet workAustin Adams
2017-08-27open-circ-in-brandonsim: Add scriptAustin Adams
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2016-12-19Add new post on recursively counting in comboAustin Adams
2016-12-11All posts: Add type = "post" to front matterAustin Adams
2016-08-30Mom's Ubuntu-Java guide: Warn to upgrade UbuntuAustin Adams
2016-08-29Add post for mom on setting up IntelliJ on UbuntuAustin Adams
2016-08-22router unbricking guide: `TP-Link', not `TP Link'Austin Adams
2016-08-22Add post on unbricking my router (happy ending!)Austin Adams
2016-08-22Add post on hosting a CUPS print server in my dormAustin Adams
2016-08-18Add post about connecting to AnyConnect in a netnsAustin Adams