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2017-02-21Rename former home page templateAustin Adams
2017-02-21style.css: Make links dark gray and boldAustin Adams
2017-02-21Integrate new site into old templatesAustin Adams
2017-02-21Add stub about pageAustin Adams
2017-02-21Fix edgy site titleAustin Adams
2017-02-21Move favicon into Hugo static directoryAustin Adams
2017-02-21Merge blog repo into this oneAustin Adams
2017-02-21Remove /pgp/ directoryAustin Adams
2017-02-21Redesign homepage a little more professionallyAustin Adams
2017-02-21Add projects page, lay groundwork for other infoAustin Adams
2017-02-21Don't make blog templates defaultsAustin Adams
2017-02-21layouts: Make /blog/ show blog postsAustin Adams
2017-02-21Move root to /, not /blog/Austin Adams
2017-02-21Give blog posts type = "blog"Austin Adams
2017-02-21Move blog posts into /content/blog/Austin Adams
2017-02-18List combo post because why notAustin Adams
2017-02-18Add post about breaking dd-formmailerAustin Adams
2016-12-19Add new post on recursively counting in comboAustin Adams
2016-12-19layout: Use MathJax when .Params.hasmath == trueAustin Adams
2016-12-19home: Show post description on hoverAustin Adams
2016-12-11home: Display only pages with type = "post"Austin Adams
2016-12-11All posts: Add type = "post" to front matterAustin Adams
2016-08-30Mom's Ubuntu-Java guide: Warn to upgrade UbuntuAustin Adams
2016-08-29Add post for mom on setting up IntelliJ on UbuntuAustin Adams
2016-08-29home.html: Don't list pages if .Params.unlistedAustin Adams
2016-08-29Revert "config.toml: ... enable the sitemap"Austin Adams
2016-08-23config.toml: For giggles, enable the sitemapAustin Adams
2016-08-23Add .gitignore for ignoring the /public/ directoryAustin Adams
2016-08-22router unbricking guide: `TP-Link', not `TP Link'Austin Adams
2016-08-22Add post on unbricking my router (happy ending!)Austin Adams
2016-08-22Add post on hosting a CUPS print server in my dormAustin Adams
2016-08-18Add post about connecting to AnyConnect in a netnsAustin Adams
2016-08-18style.css: Don't overlap <code>s on adjacent linesAustin Adams
2016-08-18style.css: Don't pad <pre> lines like <code> tagsAustin Adams
2016-08-16Add new post about storing ~/.steam on an SD cardAustin Adams
2016-08-16style.css: Improve appearance of <hr>sAustin Adams
2016-08-15Set viewport size to device-width, not 100pxAustin Adams
2016-08-15layout.html: On mobile, use device-size viewportAustin Adams
2016-08-15Add <meta name="description"...> to posts & homeAustin Adams
2016-08-15layout.html: Don't wrap .Hugo.Generator in <meta>Austin Adams
2016-08-15layout.html: Declare the charset early as possibleAustin Adams
2016-08-15style.css: Add gray bg from f675994440 to <code>sAustin Adams
2016-08-15Add new post on my git Hugo deployment processAustin Adams
2016-08-14style.css: Add gray background to code blocksAustin Adams
2016-08-14style.css: Decrease size of h{1..6} in post bodiesAustin Adams
2016-08-14OpenVPN guide: Use a more accurate dateAustin Adams
2016-08-13style.css: Pad sides to improve look on mobileAustin Adams
2016-08-13Add blog linkAustin Adams
2016-08-13Initial commitAustin Adams
2016-07-30Add PGP keysAustin Adams