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+title = "My Work"
+description = "Listing of my humble projects and publications"
+My humble list of publications:
+1. Austin Adams, Pulkit Gupta, Blaise Tine, and Hyesoon Kim.
+ "[Cryptography Acceleration in a RISC-V GPGPU][pub0]." [_Fifth
+ Workshop on Computer Architecture Research with RISC-V (Co-located
+ with ISCA 2021)_][pub0venue]. June 2021.
+I have also written some free software projects. You can check my
+[github][1] for a complete list, but here are the highlights:
+1. [nsdo][p1]: A simple C program for running particular applications in [Linux
+ network namespaces][3]. With some system configuration described in
+ [the README][4], you can use it to run particular applications in VPNs.
+2. [zucchini][p0]: An extensible Python autograding framework used in CS
+ 2110\. Connects with the [Canvas][13] API to auto-upload grades and
+ grade logs, and can auto-generate autograder .zips for [Gradescope
+ Cloud Autograding][15].
+3. [novice][p2]: A work-in-progress assembler written in
+ [TypeScript][14] which hopes to bring the convenience of the current
+ tools used in CS 2110 for teaching assembly language to platforms
+ other than GNU/Linux and to classes with other ISAs, such as CS 2200
+4. [gong][p3]: A prototype git repository viewer written in [Go][6] intended to
+ be a reboot of [cgit][7] for my personal use cases.
+5. [toolbag][p4]: Some Go tools for my website ([link to live instance][8]),
+ which include a web frontend to [figlet][9] and a silly 404 generator.
+6. [mccmd][p5]: Tinkering with running a Minecraft server in [systemd][10].
+ Includes a systemd unit for the Minecraft server plus a Java [Bukkit][11]
+ plugin and client C program for issuing server commands.
+7. [This Website][p6], which is statically generated using [Hugo][12].
+[1]: https://github.com/ausbin/
+[2]: https://code.austinjadams.com/
+[3]: https://lwn.net/Articles/580893/
+[4]: https://github.com/ausbin/nsdo#readme
+[6]: https://golang.org/
+[7]: https://git.zx2c4.com/cgit/about/
+[8]: /tools
+[9]: http://www.figlet.org/
+[10]: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/
+[11]: https://bukkit.org/
+[12]: https://gohugo.io/
+[13]: https://www.canvaslms.com/
+[14]: https://www.typescriptlang.org/
+[15]: https://gradescope-autograders.readthedocs.io/
+[p0]: https://github.com/zucchini/zucchini
+[p1]: https://github.com/ausbin/nsdo
+[p2]: https://github.com/zucchini/novice
+[p3]: https://github.com/ausbin/gong
+[p4]: https://github.com/ausbin/toolbag
+[p5]: https://github.com/ausbin/mccmd
+[p6]: https://github.com/ausbin/webzone
+[pub0]: https://carrv.github.io/2021/papers/CARRV2021_paper_87_Adams.pdf
+[pub0venue]: https://carrv.github.io/2021/