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![A photo of me][i1]
-Hi, I'm Austin Adams, a senior in Computer Science at the [Georgia
-Institute of Technology][1]. Since I enjoy low-level work and computer
-science theory, I chose the Theory and Systems & Architecture
-[threads][2], and I expect to graduate in Fall 2018.
-Previously, I attended [Kennesaw State University][3] for two years, one
-of which was full time in my senior year of high school through the [Dual
-Enrollment Honors Program][4].
-Today, I work as the head teaching assistant for CS 2110, the intro to
-computer architecture course at Georgia Tech. I manage a team of TAs
-creating course material with the ultimate goal of stuffing knowledge of
-circuits, assembly, and C into students' brains with minimal suffering.
-We get to help students write recursive assembly, malloc()
-implementations, and Game Boy Advance games — it's fun!
+Hi, I'm Austin Adams, a recent graduate of the [Georgia Institute of
+Technology][1] with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Previously, I
+attended [Kennesaw State University][3] for two years, one of which was
+full time in my senior year of high school through the [Dual Enrollment
+Honors Program][4].
+The highlight of my college career was working as the head teaching
+assistant for CS 2110, the intro to computer architecture course at
+Georgia Tech. When I wasn't managing the team of undergraduate TAs or
+answering emails, I spent a bunch of time writing autograders for
+[digital logic circuits][6], assembly code, malloc() implementations,
+and even [Gameboy Advance DMA][8]. Here's some [praise from student
Professionally, I've worked on both GNU/Linux and Windows applications,
from shell scripts to ASP.NET MVC, but in my free time, I write tools
@@ -43,9 +41,11 @@ for GNU/Linux, mainly command-line utilities and webapps. See my
[projects page][5] for details.
[1]: http://gatech.edu/
-[2]: http://www.cc.gatech.edu/academics/degree-programs/bachelors/computer-science/threads
[3]: http://kennesaw.edu/
[4]: http://honors.kennesaw.edu/dehp/
[5]: {{< ref "projects.md" >}}
+[6]: https://github.com/ausbin/circuitsim-grader-template
+[8]: {{< ref "blog/autograding-gba-dma.md" >}}
+[9]: {{< ref "praise.md" >}}
[i1]: /img/about/mugshot.jpg