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-hey hey hey it's Austin Adams 🔥
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+![A photo of me][i1]
+Hi, I'm Austin Adams, a junior in Computer Science at the [Georgia
+Institute of Technology][1]. Since I enjoy low-level work and computer
+science theory, I chose the Theory and Systems & Architecture
+[threads][2], and I expect to graduate in Fall 2018.
+Previously, I attended [Kennesaw State University][3] for two years, one
+of which was full time in my senior year of high school through the [Dual
+Enrollment Honors Program][4].
+Professionally, I've worked on Windows applications and ASP.NET MVC, but
+in my free time, I write tools for GNU/Linux, including command-line
+utilities and webapps. See my [projects page][5] for details.
+[1]: http://gatech.edu/
+[2]: http://www.cc.gatech.edu/academics/degree-programs/bachelors/computer-science/threads
+[3]: http://kennesaw.edu/
+[4]: http://honors.kennesaw.edu/dehp/
+[5]: {{< ref "projects.md" >}}
+[i1]: /img/about/mugshot.jpg