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+My Hugo Website
+This is the statically-generated portion of my website, written using
+Getting Started
+After cloning the repository and [installing hugo][2], run `hugo` to generate
+the site, and `hugo serve` to run a temporary HTTP server at
+<http://localhost:1313/>. (Pages served by the latter auto-refresh while you're
+working; it's super convenient)
+### Atomically re-generating the site when pushing to the repo
+When I push to a repository on the server hosting my site, it re-generates
+automatically! I wrote [a blog post][3] with more details.
+### Including recent git commits
+The homepage includes recent commits I've made using content generated by a
+quick C program I wrote named gustave ([github][4], [cgit][5]). Using a similar
+strategy as above, whenever I push to any of my repositories, a git
+post-receive hook runs, running gustave and then hugo to re-generate the site.
+I hope to write a blog post about this soon.
+[1]: https://gohugo.io/
+[2]: https://github.com/spf13/hugo/releases
+[3]: https://austinjadams.com/blog/using-git-to-deploy-a-hugo-blog-atomically/
+[4]: https://github.com/ausbin/gustave/
+[5]: https://code.austinjadams.com/gustave/