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@@ -32,8 +32,10 @@ Enrollment Honors Program][4].
Today, I work as an undergraduate teaching assistant for CS 2110, the
intro to C and assembly class at Georgia Tech. I get to help students
-write recursive assembly, malloc() implementations, and Game Boy
-Advance games — it's fun!
+write recursive assembly, malloc() implementations, and Game Boy Advance
+games — it's fun! I'm also a founding member of the [Young Democratic
+Socialists of America at Georgia Tech][6], a leftist organization on
Professionally, I've worked on both GNU/Linux and Windows applications,
from shell scripts to ASP.NET MVC, but in my free time, I write tools
@@ -45,5 +47,6 @@ for GNU/Linux, mainly command-line utilities and webapps. See my
[3]: http://kennesaw.edu/
[4]: http://honors.kennesaw.edu/dehp/
[5]: {{< ref "projects.md" >}}
+[6]: https://www.facebook.com/YDSAGT/
[i1]: /img/about/mugshot.jpg