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2021-08-30Add fun little complex problem to notfoundHEADmasterAustin Adams
Credit to this paper for the Pythagorean triple I used: https://rgmia.org/papers/v21/v21a101.pdf
2016-04-18figlet: add missing err != nil checkAustin Adams
Before, the figlet tool did not validate arguments! This could lead to some strange behavior. For instance, if you ran toolbag ... -figlet:template totally/fake/path ... you'd get figlet: dial: unknown network instead of an error message about the bogus template. Why? Because the figlet tool's argument-parsing method returned an error before reaching the code that intitalized the dialing information. Then, the initialization method ignored the error returned by the argument-parsing method, stumbling blindly ahead to Dial()ing the socket. This change fixes the typo that caused the latter.
2016-04-08add a notfound problem (binomials!)Austin Adams
2016-03-25figlet: limit request body to 4K, clean up Init()Austin Adams
Previously, users could POST 1MiB (nginx) to 10MiB (go net/http module) of text, consuming tons of resources. Indeed, after I successfully POSTed most of Moby Dick, execd blew up and maxed out several cores. 4KiB feels tiny, but I can't see how anyone using this frontend reasonably would want to convert any more than 7-8 paragraphs of text to gigantic ASCII block letters.
2016-02-05remove stale comment in tools toolAustin Adams
2016-02-05fix styling in figlet templateAustin Adams
2015-12-16fix broken tools templateAustin Adams
2015-12-16add tools tool, fix service fileAustin Adams
2015-12-15initial commitAustin Adams