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2015-09-12add bash completion, tweak makefileAustin Adams
also fixed a type in the manpage
2015-09-12improve error messages and update vpn suggestionsAustin Adams
nsdo now returns better error messages. For instance, if a stat() fails, it gives the filename in the error message. I've also tweaked my vpn suggestions to re-use the same network namespaces across openvpn client restarts. Before, the network namespace was added and removed in the vpn-ns script, but because that ran for every start/stop of the openvpn client, sometimes the network namespace in which an application was running would get 'stale.' Specifically, if Firefox was running in my VPN's network namespace, but I suspended my laptop, the vpn-ns script would create a new network namespace when the computer came out of suspend and the openvpn client started up again. So, /run/netns/vpn (for example) would point to namespace 12345679, where openvpn was running, while firefox would be running in namespace 12345678. The fix -- to use a separate systemd service to create the namespaces -- just makes sense, and I should've done it this way in the first place.
2015-08-09add page on using nsdo with openvpnAustin Adams
I've been wanting to write a blog post about my use of Linux network namespaces with openvpn for a while, but I still haven't bothered to create a blog in the first place (...yep), so I thought this repository might be a good place for a quick guide. I hope it helps someone someday.
2015-08-08initial commitAustin Adams