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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-06Begin restructuring repository for #4Austin Adams
2019-02-05Try to optimize symbol lookups in debuggerAustin Adams
2019-02-05Use a lookup table for decoding instructionsAustin Adams
2019-02-04Make opspec, isa properties of a machine code generatorAustin Adams
2019-02-02Avoid infinite loops by blowing up after 8192 executionsAustin Adams
2019-02-02sim command: auto-assemble codeAustin Adams
2019-01-28Account for 0xffffffff & 0xffffffff in js being -1Austin Adams
2019-01-23Add coverage for time travel in simulator testsAustin Adams
2019-01-22Use more intuitive error message for unstepping too farAustin Adams
2019-01-22Allow travelling back in timeAustin Adams
2019-01-22Add logAustin Adams
2019-01-20Add basic debuggerAustin Adams
2019-01-20Finish first stab at LC-2200Austin Adams
2019-01-18Yank Assembly IR interfaces out of parserland and into isalandAustin Adams
2019-01-15Add simulatorAustin Adams
2019-01-15Add complx loaderAustin Adams