path: root/novice/assembler/codegen/base.ts
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-06Begin restructuring repository for #4Austin Adams
2019-02-04Codegen: do fewer painful agonizing O(n) lookupsAustin Adams
2019-02-04Make opspec, isa properties of a machine code generatorAustin Adams
2019-02-04codegen: Remove another weird unnecessary copyAustin Adams
2019-02-04codegen: Use util.maskTo() instead of hand-crafted masksAustin Adams
2019-02-04codegen: Improve efficiency of some O(n^2)ismsAustin Adams
2019-02-02sim command: auto-assemble codeAustin Adams
2019-01-27Generate symbol tablesAustin Adams
2019-01-19Continue work on LC-2200 supportAustin Adams
2019-01-18Yank Assembly IR interfaces out of parserland and into isalandAustin Adams
2019-01-18codegen: Check prefixes in instrMatchAustin Adams
2019-01-16Improve coverage for code generationAustin Adams
2019-01-14Please Mr. LinterAustin Adams
2019-01-14Move isa module to top-levelAustin Adams
2019-01-14Throw error for overlapping sectionsAustin Adams
2019-01-14Test for too small/big operandsAustin Adams
2019-01-14Output line numbers in codegenAustin Adams
2019-01-13codegen: Throw errors on nonexistent labelsAustin Adams
2019-01-09Support pseudo-opsAustin Adams
2019-01-09Add basic second pass to assemblerAustin Adams
2019-01-04Begin work on machine code generatorAustin Adams