AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-06Be a good boy and use key prop in components in arraysHEADmasterAustin Adams
2020-06-06Make workers asyncAustin Adams
2020-06-03Pretend to get "stuck" on haltsAustin Adams
2020-06-03Satisfy linterAustin Adams
2020-06-03Improve register displayingAustin Adams
2020-05-31Create worker for assembler, add debug buttonsAustin Adams
2020-05-31Set webpack to development modeAustin Adams
2020-05-31Collect coverage data for JSXAustin Adams
2020-05-23Disassemble instructions in GUI memory viewAustin Adams
2020-05-22Fix tests broken by bf43f4864cAustin Adams
2020-05-21Fix toString() calls broken by Typescript 3.5+Austin Adams
2020-05-21Fix broken file reading logic caused by newer node version(?)Austin Adams
2020-05-21Upgrade dependenciesAustin Adams
2019-03-03Move instruction decoding into Isa classAustin Adams
2019-03-03Add memory viewAustin Adams
2019-03-03Add react-windowAustin Adams
2019-03-03Move state update logic to Isa classAustin Adams
2019-03-03Instantiate debugger inside workerAustin Adams
2019-03-02Simulator: Change machine state only through applyUpdates()Austin Adams
2019-03-02Reset worker when isaName prop changesAustin Adams
2019-03-02Begin work on communication between worker and frontendAustin Adams
2019-03-02tslint: Check .tsx filesAustin Adams
2019-03-01cli debugger: Allow ^C'ing to interrupt executionAustin Adams
2019-03-01Add infiniloop test programAustin Adams
2019-02-23Handle invalid addresses to printAustin Adams
2019-02-21Move isa-related helper functions into a wrapper Isa classAustin Adams
2019-02-21Begin moving machine state updates out of Simulator codeAustin Adams
2019-02-14Always change state through MachineStateUpdatesAustin Adams
2019-02-14Call the prop workerBundleUrl instead bc i canAustin Adams
2019-02-14Rename Hello world component to GuiDebuggerAustin Adams
2019-02-14Actually commit webpack configurationAustin Adams
2019-02-14Rename worker to more sensible nameAustin Adams
2019-02-14Add web workerAustin Adams
2019-02-13Autogenerate index.htmlAustin Adams
2019-02-13Delete prehistoric readmesAustin Adams
2019-02-13Add typescript+react hello worldAustin Adams
2019-02-13Ignore .map sourcemapsAustin Adams
2019-02-13Move build command into individual package.jsonsAustin Adams
2019-02-13Run linterAustin Adams
2019-02-13Fix outdated parse table scriptsAustin Adams
2019-02-13novice: Remove stray importsAustin Adams
2019-02-13Move CliDebugger into novice-cliAustin Adams
2019-02-13Move loaders into novice-cliAustin Adams
2019-02-13Fix coverage settings for subpackagesAustin Adams
2019-02-13Refactor to remove Readable/Writable from core assembler codeAustin Adams
2019-02-09Actually remove StreamIO from novice, whoopsAustin Adams
2019-02-09Move StreamIO into novice-cli, since it uses nodeismsAustin Adams
2019-02-07Please Mr. LinterAustin Adams
2019-02-07README: It's ./novice nowAustin Adams
2019-02-07Add a few test programsAustin Adams