Motd plugin

This plugin allows you to change the motd (shown in the server list) from a command or the config file. Licensed under the LGPL 2.1.


Download Motd.jar from the Downloads tab, put it in your plugins folder, and restart/start/reload the server.


Configuration can be found in plugins/Motd/config.yml.

  • motd is the current motd. The default is "a minecraft server", just like vanilla.
  • autosave specifies whether or not the new motd should be flushed to the config file whenever you change it via /setmotd. If false, the motd is only saved to the config file when the plugin is disabled.


  • /setmotd sets the motd. For ops only by default. Example: /setmotd john's laggy server.
  • /motd outputs the current motd.
  • /reloadmotd reloads the motd and other config from the config file. Usuable by ops only by default.