AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-31asm/.gitignore: Ignore .sym filesHEADmasterAustin Adams
2017-12-31README: Mention the LC-3 object file converterAustin Adams
2017-12-31Stall when BR depends on CC from a loadAustin Adams
2017-12-31Commit re-saved fileAustin Adams
2017-12-31ID: Add missing DBUF.Rxin inputAustin Adams
2017-12-31Paste hello.dat into instruction ROMAustin Adams
2017-12-31asm: Rename obj2hex.py to obj2dat.pyAustin Adams
2017-12-31asm/.gitignore: Ignore built .dat filesAustin Adams
2017-12-31Add missing wireAustin Adams
2017-12-31asm: Support full unabbreviated hexdumpsAustin Adams
2017-12-30asm: Write python script which converts Brandon→RoiAustin Adams
2017-12-30asm/Makefile: Add a friendly help message, commentAustin Adams
2017-12-30Abuse Brandon's as2obj as my assemblerAustin Adams
2017-12-30For now, treat all TRAPs as HALTsAustin Adams
2017-12-30Finish first stab at writebackAustin Adams
2017-12-30Create MBUFAustin Adams
2017-12-30Make first stab at MEM stageAustin Adams
2017-12-30Add EBUFAustin Adams
2017-12-30Paste EX ROM into jsonAustin Adams
2017-12-30Add EX ROMAustin Adams
2017-12-30roms.ods: Generate a string of hex numbers for pasting into JSONAustin Adams
2017-12-30Manually copy ID ROM into JSON because java 9Austin Adams
2017-12-30Continue working on ID ROMAustin Adams
2017-12-30Start work on ROMsAustin Adams
2017-12-30.gitignore: Ignore libreoffice lock filesAustin Adams
2017-12-30Start work on handling branchingAustin Adams
2017-12-30Create, connect DBUFAustin Adams
2017-12-30Hook up forwarding unitsAustin Adams
2017-12-30Start work on forwarding unitAustin Adams
2017-12-30Add CC register to ID/RRAustin Adams
2017-12-30Keep working on ID/RRAustin Adams
2017-12-30Add, begin connecting DPRFAustin Adams
2017-12-30ID: Sign/zero extend split offsetsAustin Adams
2017-12-30Add output tunnels to FBUFAustin Adams
2017-12-29Commit before messing around the jsonAustin Adams
2017-12-29Update for Mr. Roi's space saving 1.5.3 featureAustin Adams
2017-12-29Hook up FBUFAustin Adams
2017-12-29Add FBUFAustin Adams
2017-12-29Start the beautiful pipeline by ripping my 2200 pipelineAustin Adams
2017-12-29README: StartAustin Adams