AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-02README: Mention changelog, licenseHEADmasterdevelopAustin Adams
2017-12-02CHANGELOG: Mention SEO limitationsAustin Adams
2017-12-02README: Mention /deploy/ READMEAustin Adams
2017-12-02Add attempt at changelogAustin Adams
2017-12-02deploy: Remove austinjadams.com from the READMEAustin Adams
2017-11-29orgsearch: When search is empty, show all orgsAustin Adams
2017-11-12Add registration confirmation emailAustin Adams
2017-11-12Add email field to register formAustin Adams
2017-11-08Add navbar template context processorAustin Adams
2017-11-06delete some dummy spaceSunpil Kim
2017-11-06Login & Register working nowSunpil Kim
2017-11-06Added login & register & logout buttonSunpil Kim
2017-11-01generate_key.py: Don't include punctuation in keyAustin Adams
2017-11-01deploy: Don't clobber SECRET_KEY for every deploymentAustin Adams
2017-11-01deploy: Allow the ansible script to target a certain branchAustin Adams
2017-11-01Delete Django automated profileSunpil Kim
2017-11-01It works now (TY Austin)Sunpil Kim
2017-11-01change some order in urls.pySunpil Kim
2017-11-01add more codesSunpil Kim
2017-11-01override codes from Austin CS2340Sunpil Kim
2017-10-31Make full-text orgsearch work on all DBs, not just postgresAustin Adams
2017-10-31Add search functionality to organization list (postgres required)Ben Polk
2017-10-31Add AWS creds to ansible vaultAustin Adams
2017-10-31Put AWS keys in [aws] section in config.iniAustin Adams
2017-10-31Change config.example.ini to include the credsSchuyler Reinken
2017-10-31Move AWS credentials to config.iniSchuyler Reinken
2017-10-31Moved email source to config.iniSchuyler Reinken
2017-10-31Now successfulSchuyler Reinken
2017-10-31Got rid of hardcodingSchuyler Reinken
2017-10-31Now sends successfully through CommandSchuyler Reinken
2017-10-31Get rid of secret key stuffSchuyler Reinken
2017-10-31Initial Dependencies for Django SesSchuyler Reinken
2017-10-31Revert "Made revolutionary changes"Austin Adams
2017-10-30Made revolutionary changesUnknown
2017-10-24Fix PR commentsBen Polk
2017-10-24Fix stuff from rebaseBen Polk
2017-10-24Added navbar to organization pageBen Polk
2017-10-24Implement organization list pageBen Polk
2017-10-24Add organization modelBen Polk
2017-10-24add more attributes in the modelSunpil Kim
2017-10-24edit org profile viewSunpil Kim
2017-10-24Add org profile modelSunpil Kim
2017-10-24deploy: Have ansible script set Django admin passwordAustin Adams
2017-10-24deploy/README: Document more filesAustin Adams
2017-10-24Finish first stab at ansible scriptsAustin Adams
2017-10-24Move ansible script from /ansible/deploy to /deployAustin Adams
2017-10-24ansible: Create postgres accountsAustin Adams
2017-10-24ansible: Don't hardcode debian codenameAustin Adams
2017-10-24ansible: Create deploy/ansible/ghu.yml playbookAustin Adams
2017-10-01organized codesSunpil Kim