AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-15Don't unlink random Ports when substituting pinsHEADmasterAustin Adams
2018-09-14README: Fix fsm screenshotAustin Adams
2018-09-07Update docs/Austin Adams
2018-09-07Add RestrictorsAustin Adams
2018-09-06whitelist: Automatically allow text, probesAustin Adams
2018-09-06Update docs/Austin Adams
2018-09-06Update incorrect documentation about component whitelistsAustin Adams
2018-09-03Update docs/Austin Adams
2018-09-03Abbreviate Zucchini resultsAustin Adams
2018-09-03In student output, show only 8 tests failures at onceAustin Adams
2018-09-03Do not reset simulation between tests by defaultAustin Adams
2018-08-24Update docs/Austin Adams
2018-08-24Mention whitelist/blacklists in READMEAustin Adams
2018-08-24Ban XOR from the ALUAustin Adams
2018-08-24Clean up DFS codeAustin Adams
2018-08-24Add first stab at white/blacklistsAustin Adams
2018-08-23Update docs/Austin Adams
2018-08-23Document classes in extensions packageAustin Adams
2018-08-21Add missing space in error messageAustin Adams
2018-08-21README: Mention deleting example .sim filesAustin Adams
2018-07-19README: Explain how to use on headlessAustin Adams
2018-07-16build.gradle: Target Java 8Austin Adams
2018-06-22README: Mention Zucchini backend now that it existsAustin Adams
2018-06-12launcher: Send result json to stdoutAustin Adams
2018-06-10README: Remove now-unnecessary package name from example zucchini commandAustin Adams
2018-06-10zucchini mode: Run one test class at a timeAustin Adams
2018-06-09README: Add FSM guideAustin Adams
2018-06-09README: Include a combinational exampleAustin Adams
2018-06-09Unbreak AdderTests, which I broke for testingAustin Adams
2018-06-09README: Add javadoc linkAustin Adams
2018-06-09Commit generated javadoc for Github pagesAustin Adams
2018-06-09Document API with JavadocAustin Adams
2018-06-09Subcircuit: Rename mockRegister() to mockOnlyRegister()Austin Adams
2018-06-09CircuitSimExtension: Remove pointless ParameterResolver stubsAustin Adams
2018-06-09build.gradle: Use launcher package in mainClassNameAustin Adams
2018-06-09To be less confusing, rename tester package to launcherAustin Adams
2018-06-09Decouple JUnit 5 extension from the APIAustin Adams
2018-06-09build.gradle: Show full warningsAustin Adams
2018-06-09README: Add a quick note about what this isAustin Adams
2018-06-08Add first stab at register mocking APIAustin Adams
2018-06-07OutputPin: Add alternative get() which sign extendsAustin Adams
2018-06-07OutputPin: Handle floating bits betterAustin Adams
2018-06-07Call it a tester, not a graderAustin Adams
2018-06-06settings.gradle: Rename to something more realisticAustin Adams
2018-06-06Support parameterized testsAustin Adams
2018-06-06ZucchiniJson: Pretty print JSON for the sake of my eyesightAustin Adams
2018-06-06SubcircuitPin: Rename value=X to label=XAustin Adams
2018-06-06Validate number of bits for input/output pinsAustin Adams
2018-06-06TesterLauncher: Check for failed classesAustin Adams
2018-06-06AdderTests: Use get()/set() on Input/OutputPinsAustin Adams